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Alicante - Spagna  hotel Alicante 5 stelle
Fuerteventura - Bristol Plays - Isole Canarie
Hotel Lanzarote - 5 stelle
La Toja - Spagna - Gran Hotel Balneario
I migliori prezzi on line di prenotazione hotel
Andalusia - Spagna hotel 4 stelle
Andorra La Vella  hotel 4 stelle
Bilbao - hotel 4 stelle
Londra Victoria hotel 4 stelle
Barcellona - Spagna
Valencia  Spagna
Madrid  Spagna
Mallorca  Spagna
Siviglia  Spagna

Hoteles Hesperia is the ninth hotel chain in Spain. It has 52 hotels in Spain, Venezuela, United Kingom, Belgium and Andorra. With hotels in the main cities, as well as the most important touristic and leisure spots, the role of Hoteles Hesperia in the global hotel industry is progressively relevant.

On 2006 Hoteles Hesperia decided to strengthen sales through the website, increasing sales in 300%. In 2007, the hotel chain will continue in this direction.

Hoteles Hesperia is committed to giving a top-quality service. The hotel chain focuses on working so that guests receive the best service through qualified, helpful and resourceful staff.

Innovation is also a top priority for Hoteles Hesperia. A good example is services such as free wireless internet acess (WiFree) in many hotels, or the Check in Online service, through which guests can check in for their flights from their hotels, thus avoiding unnecessary waits.

The staff at Hoteles Hesperia is working constantly on ideas to make their guests’ stays a unique and enjoyable explerience be it for business or pleasure.